Long Range Load for 375 H&H



I have a friend who has a custom 375 H&H, it shoots fine at 100yds. groups run about 1" to 1 1/4"s. As soon as he moves to 200 yds, the groups open up to 4" to 5 "s. Since I have never owned a 375 H&H, I really can't help him much. He is shooting one of the lighter weight bullets, I believe a Nosler Partition around 225 grains(not exactly sure if that's correct). My question is, has anyone here shot the 375 at ranges greater than 100 yds and what kind of results should he expect. Any load information would be appreciated. I think he is currently using Win-760 powder. Perhaps a different powder and bullet combination would be better but I would like to hear from those with experience with this caliber.
Hello Chuckhunter,

Until recently, I shot my 375 H&H for both deer and elk (now have a 300 RUM for deer, but no desire to use it on elk). I have had really good success with the medium weight bullets, i.e. 270 gr. Specifically, I have been impressed with the Speer Soft Point Boat Tail 270 gr. It has a BC of .43 and I shoot in over 83 compressed grains of Accurate 4350, OAL 3.610. With a factory Rem 700 lightweight synthetic (9 pounds with scope bipod and sling) 24" barrel, I get 2790-2800 fps. I had the Leupold 4.5-14 vari-x III target model on it, and it was very accurate around .5-.8 inch at 100 and maintained 1 moa to 500 (farthest I shot it). I took my first elk with it a 425 and it dropped in its tracks (bullet went between ribs behind shoulder, but did plenty of damage to internals lungs/heart without hardly any meat damage).

I had this rifle for a while, and it is has proven to be a very suitable 500 yard rifle.
Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

My old pre-64 375 H&H sits in a McMillan Supergade, bedded and trigger tuned by DGS.

She really likes the Sierra 300 SBTs for the long range game. I've had excellent results with Reloder 15 & 19, IMR 4350 & 4064.

I use a Zeiss Conquest 3x9 and the rifle shoots very well out to 5-600 yards. It is fairly heavy at 11# field-ready so its rather comfortable to shoot even from the prone. Best group to date at 100 is 10 shots into 1.2".... of course I have not been able to repeat that!

My rifle does not like anything less than 250 grains. I have battled with the 235s and 220s without any kind of consistency.

This rifle is my primary hunting arm and I usually shoot Nosler partitions at game, however, for long range jack rabbits, coyotes, and prairie dogs, the 300 grain Sierra gets the nod. Wind just isn't an issue with these big torpedoes!

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