Long range hunting books or videos

I have recently purchased a book on long range shooting "Precsion shooting at 1000 yards" it has information and stories about long range shooting. I enjoyed reading it, i got it out of cabelas.
Cbaker--for LR hunting videos contact Butch Keen at (570)-753-3039 [email protected]

He is the man behind the "point blank from long range videos -- good view.

tell him JB sent you

Please understand that I am writing the following post in an effort to get people to buy videos. I am a principle owner in a company that produces video products featuring hunts that culminate in some longer than normal shots.

I am not intending this post to be directed at anyone so if you don't agree please feel free to say so but don't take offense. I only added my post to this thread because it was convenient and somewhat applicable.

Thanks cbaker for starting it.

There are two different sources for videos that contain long range shooting in hunting situations that I am aware of, Long Range Productions (Me) and the above-mentioned Butch Keen.

I recently purchased his first two videos and now have seen all three.

The videos have received both positive and negative reviews on this and other forums so I am going to do something different and tell you why you need to own them.

For basically the price of a couple of boxes of good bullets you will be exposed to a bunch of different hunting situations in which long range shots were used to harvest big game animals. If anyone is interested in learning about long range shooting as it applies to hunting and thinks this is too much of an investment I seriously question whether they are really willing to make the commitment to be an accomplished shot at long range and maybe should consider sticking to normal ranges.

Butch will sell you all three for $50 + $4.95 shipping or individually for $20+$4.95 shipping. If you want just one I think #2 is the best. The videos come in VHS format and I don't know if Butch has any plans for releasing in DVD.

Butch will only take mail orders so here is his address to mail him a check or money order:

Butch Keen
PO Box 641
Avis, PA 17721

In sort of a review I will say Butch absolutely and positively knows what he is doing. This really comes thru in the spotter/shooter/observer dialog in the video. When a situation is getting tense a good spotter works to help the shooter remain calm and give him good information. If there are observers present they have a tendency to try and get involved and this can cause confusion, put added pressure on the shooter, and spook the animal.

This is a good example of the experience that can be gained from watching a video. By paying attention to how Butch was trying to help the shooter and others are basically yapping like puppies reinforced in me the belief that there should be only one spotter and if others are present they should keep quiet unless they are directly asked to do otherwise.
I personally have video of myself being more of a hindrance than help in a shooting situation by adding unneeded pressure to the shooter. By reviewing the video I learned to quit telling the shooter when to shoot because I had no idea what inputs he was getting from the gun and scope and he would shoot when he was ready but not according to my schedule.

I guess what I am trying to say is whether you like or don't like the Point Blank to Long Range videos you will be a better hunter for having watched them and better able to deal with long shots in the field.

That is the bottom line.

As I said I also produce videos so the above is very self-serving and I think everyone should purchase my video also.

or mail a check for $24.99+$4.99 payable to Bridger Trail Video to:

Bridger Trail Video
PO Box 21
Burlington, WY 82411

Unsolicited reviews of our new release "Beyond Belief" can be seen in the "The Best of the West" thread under general discussions.
I purchased John's video dvd just recently and I have viewed it a couple of times already. It is done very well and would be an excellent addition to any hunter's library. It is very instructional for a long range hunter.

But...you gotta see where John gets to hunt out west! It just isn't fair. He hunts in some of the purdiest country I've ever seen.
Thanks John

I've seen a few of your shows (on DVD) but will need to add your "Beyond Belief" to my collection.

It looks like you're also working on a "How To" video set, when will it be ready?? Can it be pre-ordered??

This old dog still learns new tricks fairly often
, stuff I missed on the first time around. I figure Johns video will teach me some more new stuff, maybe how to deal with those up and down mountain thermals??? I believe I've got the high altitude thin air part figured out but there could be some stuff on that too! One never knows what's to be learned.
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