Leupold vx-3 4.5-14x50 lr or sightron 2 big sky 4.5-14x44 ???


Dec 3, 2008
I need help deciding on a scope for my 1st long range hunting rifle that is chambered in 6.5-284. I would like to put the Range compensating knobs on it by Kenton or the Bullet Drop Compensating Knobs by Leupold. I need between 20moa and 28moa to get from 800-1000 yds according to ballistic software. I see positive posts about the Sightron 3 but not many about the Sightron 2 Big Sky. Would like some opinions on both of these please. The price makes the Sightron more attractive to me but I don't want to buy another scope later if the Sightron doesn't measure up. Thanks Brian
I have a S3 but no experience with the S2. However, I talked to Sightron once about them and they said they have the same internal elevation/windage adjusting mechanism as the S3. Can't remember what they said about the glass though. Do a search for their website and give them a call.
Why not just step up to the SIII LR and still beat out the Leupold in price.
But of the two mentioned I would go with the Leupold.
I thought about the Sightron 3 but I don't want the extra weight and I don't beleive I need the extra power. I also talked with Sightron and the woman told me that the Sightron was brighter than the VX-3 and close to Swarvoski. She said they did side by side comparison tests at the shot show and in most peoples opinion that looked through them thats the results they came up with.:rolleyes:
There is a 3.5-10 LRMD SIII. Unless you don't think 10X will do it for you. However, there are those that will say that better glass can make up for lower magnification.
The glass is pretty good in my Leupold and I have the 56mm objective lens and in lower light it really shines. If I had it to do all over again I would have gone with the SIII. I would expect the same performance but $500 cheaper!
Thanks for the responses. I think I am sold on the Sightron Big sky. For the $$$ difference I don't think I will see any difference in optical quality. Brian
Brian, it may just be a real good scope. You'll save $50 on it to with the Sightron rebate. Make sure you post some results on the site so we know how it does.
I sure will. I still have to get my rings, bases and trigger and the gun will finally be done. Scope is going to be my Xmas present for those that still believe in
Santa. I'll report back later. Thanks
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