Leica geovid 3000 vs Zeiss Victory 2500

Discussion in 'Equipment Discussions' started by 31perersen, Dec 3, 2018.

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  1. 31perersen

    31perersen Active Member

    Mar 26, 2013
    I was hoping somebody who owns either of these or can get their hands on them could do a review and or comparison? They have been out for a little while now and I'm having troubles finding alot of good information and reviews. I think alot of us would really like to see how well they do on soft targets (i.e. hunting situations) compared to like a geovid 2200 where there is quite a bit of data to use references to compare. I have the 2200 geovids and like them but wish the reticle where smaller for ranging small targets or targets with things like trees, shrubs, buck brush or small hills around them. I remember some very good info we had gotten from in depth reviews on the kilo 2400 when it came out as far as ranging soft targets and reticle size/actual location of beam vs reticle location and so on. If anybody could give their thoughts on these 2 binos that have fairly in depth use with them I'd really appreciate it. Is the ranging reticle smaller on the new geovid 3000 vs the 2200? I see the beam divergence is quite alot smaller which is great, but havent been able to find any info on whether the reticle is as well to reflect it. Thanks for any and all info guys!

  2. 223dude

    223dude Member

    Jul 27, 2008
    I have owned a HD-B 2200 10x42 and a Swarovski 10x42 range.
    I was not happy with ether of them & sold them.
    So I broke down and bought the new zeiss 10x42 rf
    last week.

    I'v have not had them long
    but at this stage of my tests
    here is what i found.

    The glass-
    Its vary good, the sweet spot is about 85%
    there are bright .The light transfer is about 88%
    I would say there are 10% better then the hd-b
    or Swaro's to my eyes.

    The size-
    There small for rf bino's about
    the size of regular 10x42.
    The body has has a good rubber armor
    on them is better then the hd-b but not as good as the Swaro's.
    The wight is 32.5oz about the same as the hd-b.
    They feel rely good in the my hand.

    The range finder -
    Its the best i'v used in a rf bino so fare.
    I can ping a elk at 2000 yrds
    100% of the time. At 2400 yrds is about
    as fare as i can reliably hit trees.
    The circle is a little bigger the i would like
    to be but smaller then the Swaro's.
    I do think the New hd-b 3000 will have
    a better range finder then the Zeiss rf.

    The ballistic calculator-
    Is the one thing i can't speak to much
    as i have not had time to play with it to much
    but so far i'm liking it.

    I like them so far.