Left hand Rem 700, Masterpiece Arms 6.5x284 custom build

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    Sep 22, 2016
    This is a completely custom 6.5x284 Norma left handed PRS or long range hunting rifle(12lbs) made on a Remington 700 action, mated to a Masterpiece Arms Chassis(olive green) with a rear flip down monopod, barricade stop, front night vision rail over barrel with picatinny, lower picatinny, front bottom mount to affix gun to a tripod, Cerakoted action, Remage style stainless 1-8" twist barrel for easy barrel changes, custom made and indexed 4 port muzzle brake(very effective), 2 magazines(Accurate and Magpul), a Tinmney straight shoe trigger set at about 1 lb. A Leupold 1 piece 20 MOA rail, a lightweight firing pin, heavy duty firing pin spring, and a custom fluted bolt shroud. The Remington 700 action has had work done to it... first the action was blueprinted and trued, the bolt was fluted and the bolt handle was skeletonized, a Nesika style fluted bolt shroud was added, a heavy recoil lug was mated to the action and the action was Cerakoted a dark gray color. The action is silky smooth and extremely reliable. It is a long action and the barrel was chambered to accept very long 6.5x284 loads. The magazines are normally for a 300 Win. Mag. class of rifle so even your very long hand loads can be used in this action and the magazines without any problems. Here's where it gets really good... I have all of the load data for this gun worked up and ready to go. You can have my whole notebook with all my load data, dope and shooting notes. It shoots Berger Hybrids, Nosler RDF's and Hornady ELD-X bullets all exceptionally well... 1/2MOA with the Bergers, which is where I did almost all of the testing! The barrel was properly broken in with the first 150 rounds. Cleaning after 5, 5, 5, 5, 10, 10, 10, 15, 15 and 20 rounds. I will also include about 100 Lapua pieces of brass. 50 of them have been fired once and the other 50 fired twice. Will also include ELD-X, full box, Nosler RDF, full box and Berger Hybrid , partially used bullets. Also included are the 6.5x284 Norma dies for loading this ammo!!! A Redding neck sizing die, a Forster Ultra Micrometer seating die, Forester full length sizing die. I have probably only shot the gun around 250-300 rounds or so since it was built. The nearest 1000yd. range is 3 1/2 hours away and I'm just too busy to make the drive and use the gun. My loss is your gain! With the load data and dope figured out and even the dies, brass and bullets are included, all of the hard work has been done... and you don't have to wait a year plus for the parts and for the gun to be built. I also have this gun listed on Gun Broker where there is a super long description of everything done, everything included (lots of extras)and a lot more pictures. Please check it out because there is so much info there. Just search Left hand Remington - Masterpiece Arms on Gun Broker. SCOPE, RINGS AND BIPOD ARE NOT INCLUDED! The rear grip has been changed out to a more comfortable Ergo version. ASKING $2300 and I'm pretty firm on price. Shipped to your FFL, Pay Pal only please, buyer Pays actual insured shipping fees, Thank you very much, Kevin 000_1076.JPG 000_1069.JPG 000_1109.JPG 000_1102.JPG gun on tripod (3).png 20180610_135010.jpg 20180610_135049.jpg . Shipped to your FFL, Pay Pal only please. Actual shipping cost and insurance paid by buyer. Thank you, Kevin