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SOLD/EXPIRED Lawton barreled action


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Jan 11, 2010
Lawton barreled action. 338 edge. Barrel and receiver CM. Cut rifled barrel, 29" with Lawton brake.

20moa steel Lawton base.

In white, unfired.

Pictures on request.

Seekins bottom metal w/ xtra mag, jewell trigger and 100 pieces of Nosler custom 300 RUM brass available extra.
1k for the barreled action. Includes base and brake.

550 for the jewell, the brass and the bottom metal w/extra mag.

You pay ffl and shipping.
Barrel contour and diameter at the muzzle?

Twist rate?


29" barrel plus the brake?

7000 series action?

Thickness of recoil lug?
It would shipped to Washington State and sit at my ffl till I got back for X-mas.

I am just over here working for a while; teaching Swedes to work on Blackhawks.

I am interested, but .685 at the muzzle might be a little to light of a contour for my taste. I will do some research and get back with you.