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SOLD/EXPIRED Lawton 7000 22-243 8 twist w/dies and ammo


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Feb 14, 2008
I bought this rifle a few weeks ago from a guy I know for a really good deal and I just don't think I will shoot it enough to justify keeping it.
It is a Lawton 7000sa single shot chromoloy action it has a threaded knob, 20 moa lawton base, and the old style deep flutes. It has about a #7 contour 8 twist stainless 27" benchmark barrel on it. It also has a rifle basix trigger on it set at about 1 pound. It has been professionaly bedded by benchmark barrels in a hs precision vs takeoff stock. it has a bdl floorplate on it even though it is a single shot. it is a beautiful rifle and it shoots lights out. I will guarantee it will shoot 1/2moa or better. The rifle has had exactly 312rounds through the barrel and never been abused.

I have a set of redding custom dies for it which include neck sizer, full length sizer, and seating die. I also have 388 loaded rounds and 12 fired casings. the loaded rounds are all nosler brass loaded with cci br2, rl25, berger 80vlds. this load is scary accurate and is a laser out to 1000yards.

I also have a leupold VX III 8.5x25x50 with varmint hunter reticle and target turrets available for the right trade/price.

I am open to trades so let me know what you have.
Price is $1650 shipped if you want to purchase outright.
thanks for looking scott



Oops..... never mind, should have read the whole post before posting.
Is it just a standard 22-243 or a 22-243 AI? If it is a 22-243 AI wold you be interested in selling just the dies?
it is a standard 22-243 but the dies will only be for sale if the buyer of the rifle doesn't want them.

Might you be interested in an Z-M weapons LR 300 m4 rifle. Para ordanace picked it up now as a tactical target rifle. the one I have is the NX model. It has an EO tec 557 sight with a 3X magnifier and three 30 rd mags. I am not sure how to post pics but I will be more than happy to email you some if you are interested.