lapua brass

Not anymore. They made a brief run of it a while back but even then it was actually made by Norma for Lapua, to Lapua specs.

Kevin Thomas is the Lapua rep. you can PM him and I'm sure he will answer any and all questions you may have. Kevin is a really nice guy and very knowledgeable.
I wounder why lapua dosen't make brass for 7mm 300 wm 338wm ? Theres millions out there. If any one has 300 WN laupa BRASS I WILL BY IT. PM me. Joe
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What Kevin told me, when I asked him this same question, was that Lapua isn't tooled up to make anything off of the .534 magnum case head. He also told me that maybe this won't always be the case if Lapua received enough inquiries for magnum based brass.

I bet Lapua would sell out of 300 RUM brass if they ever made it and I know it sure would put some HUGE smiles on 338 Edge owners faces!!! :D
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