SOLD/EXPIRED Kowa Genesis 10.5x44 Binoculars - Prominar Lens


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Dec 21, 2008
These are great binos. I just got a pair of the 8x33s to replace my larger Swaro 10x42s (Swarobrights). I think they are in fact as good as, if not better than, my Swaros for about half the price. I don't need the internal rangefinder so no issue there.
I can't attest to the low light capabilities of the two side-by-side since I don't have the Swaros anymore but expect the Swaros "might" be a little better based on the coatings but the difference, if any, would be almost indiscernible.
I have a chance to pick up a NIB pair of the Swaro 8x32s (Swarobright) and am having a tough time debating between the two.

As an aside, I have looked hard at the current Swaro"vision" models and have found the "rolling ball" effect that I have read and heard about to be "for real." It is there and it would be very annoying to me personally. For that reason, I prefer the slightly older Swarobright version personally.

But I digress, the KOWA Prominar binos are a hell of a good binocular irrespective of price. Good luck with the sale.