Kansas Mystery Critters!!


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Mar 8, 2024
Central Kansas
OK, all you experienced outdoorsmen and women! What the heck do you think these are??? This was taken Tuesday night with thermal binos in my FRONT YARD in Central Kansas! This is a mulberry tree; most all critters like mulberries, and we routinely watch deer, turkeys, etc. dine on them. I have a pretty good idea what they are from searching the internet for photos, and I'm awaiting word back from the Kansas Fish and Game on photos I sent them. FYI: the time/date stamp at the bottom is incorrect.
Hmmmm...that's interesting! The snout and tail look a little too long?? I wish we could have seen colors, but it was thermal. I'm working on trying to upload a video that's pretty large that shows a lot more!
Look like raccoons to me. They look funny in thermals. Not a lot of thermal coon pics on the net but I see them all the time out working.


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I've shot a lot of coons with the thermal; these look a lot like them but don't have as big a rear end and run differently. I'm still trying to figure out how to trim the videos of them so I can load them here!!

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