SOLD/EXPIRED Kampfeld Custom 280 AI, Stiller Bartlien McMillan


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Apr 25, 2018
Mesa, AZ
I bought this from Ramblin99 a couple of months ago. I have not fired it, it’s just sat in my safe. I’ve decided I want a Lane Precision Rifle so a couple of things have to go. Below is the description copied straight from Ramblin99’s ad.

Kampfeld Custom .280 Ackley rifle with the following components:

- Stiller Predator action, bolt slides like butter.
- Bartlein #4 fluted barrel. Measures 23.5” from recoil lug to muzzle end of brake.
- Vias radial brake with 9/16 - 32 threads. Nice seamless fit.
- Shilen Standard trigger, breaks cleanly at 1 lb. 6oz., adjustable.
- McMillan Classic Edge stock, beautifully bedded by Karl, brown with black and tan specks, 24.2 oz.
- Talley Lightweight 30mm medium rings.

Assembled by Karl including all fitting and Cerakote. This rifle has the nicest fit and finish of any rifle I own. The bare rifle weighs 6 lbs. 12.6 ounces. Exactly 29 rounds down the tube for barrel break-in. Awesome accuracy potential. Using inexpensive Nosler 140-gr Ballistic Tip ammo for break-in, it produced a .230” 3-shot group (ragged hole) and I wasn’t trying hard. Just putting rounds downrange to break in the barrel. Some very slight marks on the bolt knob are the only blemishes anywhere on the rifle. It basically looks just like Karl shipped it. No disappointments with this one. Swarovski Z8i scope not included. Trades considered for lightweight (sub 6 lbs) accurate rifles.

2800 plus shipping. I have 120 rounds of ammo that I can sell and ship separately. 100 Nosler Accubond and 20 Hornady Precision Hunter 162 ELDX. 415 plus shipping for the ammo. I paid way more than that just for Accubond.

NO TRADES, that was from original ad.


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