Just got 300 win mag in Ruger No 1 !!


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Oct 12, 2004
I just got a slightly used Ruger no 1 in 300 win mag. What can I expect for long range shootin potential? So far I have only used cheap factory 150g Win ammo and I'm pretty impressed with the groups 1.5" at 100 yrds. It will be used mostly on big Saskatchewan whitetales and maybe the odd moose. This gun is a pretty big jump for me over my Rem 760 gamemaster in 308 which had trouble with 3" at 100. Because I don't handload yet, what ammo do you think I should be using for some unethical long range hunting 400-700 yards LOL. Thanks for any input. Also how can I make this great gun shoot even better?
DS hunting at 700 yds is not unethical! What is unethical is trying to shoot at 700 yds without the proper equipment.Long range hunting is very doable just need to be prepared!!!Black Hills makes some accurete
No No that was a funny. I thing if the shot can be made then take it, sorry to ruffle any feathers!!!

I do have a nother question, can my no 1 be rechamberd into a 300 wby or a 30-378 wby or an ultra mag thanks for any help and again sorry for the misunderstanding...
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