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Sep 5, 2017
Most of you look at the other sites already, but in case someone here doesn't I'll post this:

I have a lightly used J. Allen JAE-700 chassis for sale. Color is grey with black panels.

I bought this over the winter from another member and installed a Bighorn TL3 with an American Rifle Company BarLoc. The chassis was opened up slightly to accommodate swapping barrels without having to loosen the action screws - picture included.
I absolutely love this stock, but due to some drama in my business (customer is going under) I need to make payroll and keep food on the table - so if it's not bolted down it's up for sale. Pictures show the fully assembled rifle, but the barreled action, scope, magazine, hand stop are not included.
Included, but not shown are the front bipod rail section and a single sling stud for the front rail as well.

I have received a lot of questions about the BarLoc fit in this chassis. Please note that the BarLoc fits in the JAE-700 chassis perfectly without grinding. The only reason that I had to open it up slightly is because of wanting to have the BarLoc barrel nut stay on the barrel when I pulled it off. I wanted each barrel to have it's own barrel nut (loctited on). When I first set up the rifle I was pulling the nut off of the barrel and placing it on the next barrel - when I did this I had no issues unscrewing the barrel - allowing the nut to free spin on the barrel as needed. I just want to be clear on this so that people don't think there is an issue with the BarLoc/JAE-700 mate up.

Asking $1350 shipped to lower 48.
Listed on other sites and for sale locally.
First public "I'll take it" gets it.


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