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    Apr 17, 2014
    Hello guys,
    Through my internet travels i have often looked at your forum and found many useful tips ideas and advice. Long overdue, I have now decided to formally join the forum.
    I shoot/hunt mainly deer in England, some wild Boar in Germany and Serbia, and plains game in Africa last year and this year where I am going again this July.
    My rifles and calibres for hunting, are sako 85 243 win for small deer foxes etc, 30-06 for wild boar, browning lever action (useful for driven shoots) and 7mm rem mag ( custom rifle built around sako finnbear bolt action, truflight barrell from NZ, reamer from pacific tool, macmillan stock) for african game, red deer. I reload/handload my own ammuniton, for accuracy and to a certain extent economy, but also availability as the UK ammo market doesnt always have what you want when you want it.
    Look forward to joining in some of the discussions
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    Aug 15, 2009
    Glad you joined and love to see pictures from other countries. gun)