Introduction Darrus (bearbait)


Nov 26, 2005
idaho falls, Idaho
Age 64
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Chase bears/lions with hounds (Plotts). Nick name bearbait because I was chewed on by a black bear after empting my 357 revolver (6 rounds) into it. The bear was bayed by the dogs. All shots were taken within 5 to 10 ft of the bear. ended up killing it with a 22 pistol to the head. After skinning the bear only one of the six bullets intered the vitals. Threw the 357 away and replaced it with a 44 mag. Haven't had any problems since. I use 300 gr hard cast bullets.

I shoot a 300 Win Mag. (Rem. 700) and a 338 Lapua (Sako) on big game and a 22 250 (Rem 788 with 1/9 twist barrel and a Timney Trigger) for preditors. I like the Barnes Tipped tripe shock bullets. Use the 180 gr in the 300 and 225 gr in the Lapua.
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