Inside the Traditions Strikerfire

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    Aug 23, 2010
    Worked up the guts to take it apart and in the end, actually laughed out loud because it wasn't hard to do at all, the instructions manual just seemed to make it seem a little overwhelming.
    Super easy access to clean out, the trigger is right in a big open pocket if you want to add a little break in grease or whatever you normally use on your trigger. I used barricade on the inners and then liquid wrench lithium grease on the strikerfire assy.

    Strikerfire works and the strikerfire spring/retention pin

    Close up of the spring and pin. Once the spring is removed from the pin, lightly tap that pin out with a punch. Mine took very little pressure to pop it free of the frame. Once its out, pull back on the Breaching lever and remove the striker assembly by pulling straight back.