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    Nov 25, 2012
    alright so i got a remington 700 adl chambered in 7mm rem mag and i am not liking the default stock on it and i want to put the stock of the m40a1 on the remington 700 that i have but my problem is that my m700 is an internal magazine and the stock i am not for sure on what it really needs either a floor plate or any kind of magazine.

    here are the specs:


    The original M40A1 Marine Sniper Rifle stock was designed for a heavy barrel Remington 700. It can be used for either short or long actions, as well as ADL (blind magazine), BDL (hinged floorplate), and most detachable box magazine systems. It will take any barrel contour up to a #8. This stock can also be used for most Remington, Winchester, and Savage actions. The M40A1 is available with or without texture on the forend and pistol grip. Available in right and left hand. Color shown, forest camo.


    overall length of stock: 31.5"
    depth of action area: 1.815" (will vary depending on action model)
    max diameter action: 1.4"
    max diameter barrel: 1.150" str
    forearm width: 1.830"
    grip width: 1.6"
    buttstock width: 1.7"
    max L.O.P. with 1" recoil pad: 14.25" (spacers can be added to lengthen LOP)
    drop @ comb: 5/8"

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