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    Jul 30, 2004
    I am a new user of this site. I love to shoot anything that goes bang or twang. Here are my favorite rifles. I have a Savage Tactical that I had rechambered from 7 Rem Mag to 7STW and had a trigger job, no other modifications. This baby regularly records sub 1/2" 100 yd groups with 78 gr IMR 7828 and 140 gr Ballistic Tips Moly coated at 3300 fps. It has recorded several .2 to .3" groups and on one calm November day I dropped 3 shots into .14". I also recorded a 1 shot kill of a small coyote at 362 steps with it. I also have a Savage Model 12BVSS in .22-250 with only a trigger job that routinely groups .3 to .4" for 5 shots at 100 yds with 40 gr H414 and the 50 gr Ballistic Tip Moly at around 3800 fps. I am not strictly a Savage man, but it is hard to beat a heavy barrel Savage for out of the box accuracy. My sleeper superaccurate rifle is a Marlin 1895 in.45/70 that will tear out one hole groups at 100 yds with 53 gr IMR 3031 and the 300 gr Sierra HP at 1900 fps.(Burris 1.75-5x scope) I have never tried a different load and feel no need to. It has been sure death on the whitetails and hogs I have shot with it. Anybody else have a sleeper like this?