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    Dec 4, 2012

    To begin my Name is Paul Clark, I am a student in college and due to graduate next week with an Associates in applied Scince, and in hopes to go work for a company as a Diesel Mechanic. I am an Active hunter and shooter, even though my gun collection only has seven firearms I hope to continue to buy and enjoy the hobby of shooting. Luckily I live close to the family ranch with 1300 acres and having my own little shooting range.

    I hope all the people here can help me complete my goal of becoming a succesful precsison long range shooter. I would Like to participate in Tactical Markmen Challenges if I can find any in the area or surrounding areas where I live. I have always been a military buff so the tactical want has been in my blood for some time. :D But I have yet to decide on a rifle and caliber, but I will post in the appropiate threads. In advance I thank you all and hope to get to know some of you well. Take care and have a good one!!

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