How tall of scope rings: 50mm obj and straight blank barrel on Rem 700


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Jun 26, 2015
I just got a build finished and am having a hard time finding scope rings to clear the objective. I have a Nikon Monarch to start out with and it has a 50mm objective. The rifle is a 22-6mm with a Shilen straight blank ~1.250". Without blindly buying scope rings and "trying them on", I figured I would ask the experts. Does anyone have experience with saddling a scope with a similar obj. on a straight blank?


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May 24, 2010
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Borrowed this from the Hide:

You measure 3 things:
1. the height of the front of your base/rail from the barrel
2. the height of your rings from the top of the rail to centerline
3. the outside diameter of the bell of the scope (not the size of the objective lens)

Here is the equation:
[rail height + ring height] - [bell diameter x 0.5]
If the value is positive, then your bell will clear the barrel. Optimally, you want that bell to be about 1/4" or less over the barrel. This will give you a tight cheek weld and provide for more precise trajectory. Be sure to account for Butler Creek caps if you intend on using them.

If you are using a 40mm objective, then you can use the lowest rings and bases available, as the bell will certainly clear the barrel with no problem. i.e. don't worry if the bell ends up being higher than 1/4" over the barrel.