How our day started this lovely 4th of July morning …

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    Dec 20, 2008
    - US flag displayed
    - 0530 quick hike (~ 2 hours) with Mom and Thor.
    - Thor had a blast:
    -- 1st encounter: Lots of sprint chases and almost got a rabbit for breakfast if
    he didn't change prize (mature doe)
    -- 2nd encounter: Flushed and chased a mature doe; beeped, chase ended. Thor went
    back to the draw; heard series of bleat calls, followed by a distress calls. A fawn
    emerges out of the bush stumbled as Thor did the prey pursuit. Zapped him once,
    pursuit ended. Fawn slowly walked up to me and stopped, closed enough where I
    could have picked him/her but did a quick assessment instead. Fawn walked away
    OK, no blood or cuts (best I can tell) and met up happily with Mama doe.
    -- 3rd encounter: Almost got a rabbit but was out-maneuvered by quick turns and
    overwhelmed by previous encounters.

    The day is still young ...