Henderson or giraud trimmer?

I used my Giraud yesterday to do the 3way job on some new brass. It makes me feel guilty like I'm cheating, it's so fast and precise.
Not familiar with the Henderson, but since it's my wife's maiden name I automatically went with Giraud. One is enough.
I've used both. Both are great and you won't be disappointed with either.

Giraud can make your fingers sore if you do a lot. Also changing calibers can be little tricky and take a little time. A lot of guys will set up a cutter for each caliber (.264/.284/.308). Giraud is slightly faster.

I bought the henderson. Easier on your hands/ fingers. Easier to adjust and switch to different cartridges. It is also quite a bit quieter.

Both are great And very precise. Both will serve you well.
I have the Henderson and love it. I load for a lot of different calibers and didn't want to buy case holders for each cartridge so Giraud wasn't a good choice for me.
Same exact experience for me as nwmnbowhunter above. High volume on the Giraud led to sore hands and wrists. I don't have that with the Henderson. It's worth noting that I rarely trim and, when I do, it's 700+ cases in a session.
I have and use both, and like them both.
You have to lock a case in with the Henderson, with the Giraud it is like sharpening a pencil where you are holding the case.
One indexes off the shoulder, the other off the base.
We made the power for this and there is a Thread with all the components to make the Power. I'll see if I can find it.

It all depends on how many different caliber cases you are going to trim. Your main cost $$$ is the Trimmer and Power Unit BUT then you have to buy costly cutter heads for each caliber!!!
We have a lot so getting the "Foster" style "3 WAY" Cutter Head was for us. We can purchase the "HEAD" and then put what Pilot we want - fit the caliber cartridge and move the carbide cutters to what we want. So paying $80 for a 3way cutter head and then changing out the Pilot saves $$$.
But you have to know how to do all that. We have probably a dozen cutter heads and then other Pilots.

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