Hells Canyon Armory .338 Norma Mag!


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Jun 8, 2017
Back up for sale since hunting season is here! Hells Canyon Armory build with their barrel, and defiance action. The gun is literally bran new, with only 60 rounds through it. I am selling it for a friend, so I will tell you as much as I can. He wants something for PRS shooting, so he is selling it to fund the other project. Gun weighs about 8lbs Here are the specs. $3975.00 for everything, it's a steal!!!

- Defiance Deviant Action.338 Norma G.jpg .338 Norma J.jpg .338 Norma C.jpg .338 Norma E.jpg .338 Norma F.jpg .338 Norma B.jpg
- Timney trigger set at 2lbs
- Hells Canyon proprietary Carbon Barrel 28" w/brake
- AI Bottom metal
- JP Muzzle brake
- Manners Composite TF1-DBM Mini-Chassis

Included in the price is the following
- 60 pcs of once fired brass
- 40 pcs of Bran new brass
- Competition Forester Dies
- Almost a full 8lb keg of H1000
- Load Data- 86gr. H-1000, 300gr. Berger VLD, 215M primer, Lapua brass, .010 of lands

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