Mar 11, 2010
Grand Rapids Michigan
Hey everybody just wanted to say Hello and from what Ive seen I really like the site. Been trying to do some reserch on wyoming speed goats and a friend from another forum refered me to here. A group and myself just finished our application and now are waiting to see if we get drawn. We applied for area 31. This will be all of our first time out there so it should be good time and hopefuly we can get a couple of spped goats. If anyone has some feedback in area31 or speed goat hunting ingeneral would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance


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Jun 27, 2009
Carlton MN.
I went last year (first time) to WY area 22 got a nice buck 14 1/2", 320yds with a 250/3000, also took a doe. I am going back this year it was a great time. I really had alot of fun. All I can say is practice practice practice! You might want to get bipods for your guns they are a nice option to have but not necessary. I got the short one but I am getting the next size up for this year. I made a life size cutout of a goat and went to the range and practiced shooting laying on the ground. I also took up Prairie Dog shooting 2 years ago and that has really helped my shooting, I have Parkinson's and I shake a little when I get nervous and the Prairie Dog gun)shooting has helped that a lot. hope you have a great trip. Dale