Hello from Wentzville mo.


Feb 10, 2012
I have been reading post & articles on LRH for a while now more as a listener than anything else. I enjoy the reading & information here. I am an avid hunter & shooter.(especially bow hunting). I hunt northern Mo. most of the time but have out west a few times (bow & gun) . I could get used to livin' in the Rockys real easy!
I have a question for the pro's out there. I'm contemplating a rifle build this winter . I'm thinking of building a 22-250 AI around a remington 700 action. I see barrel blanks priced from $140. on up . Green Mountain being the low end. I am thinking of going that way since its my 1st. just in case I screw something up. I found a couple of places that rent chamber reamers & gages so figured I would do that. If any body has a line on a rem.700 reciever let me know. Walmart here has a scoped 700 combo for a little over $400. ,I could strip it down & sell the barrel,stock & scope & build from there.I am open to any all suggestions,directions etc,
I been in the machining buisness for about 36 years & have a very complete shop at my disposal .
Thanks to all for any replys

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