Hello from UK (Sout peel)

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    Feb 3, 2013
    Hi my name is Clint, born and raised in South Africa where my father and I did a lot of shooting and reloading. I was only fortunate enough to do the target shooting part, he managed to get a few hunting trips in.
    Been married for 5 years now and have a daughter who is 18months old. 33y/o. Don't get to shoot as much as I want to, and the easiest for me is clay pigeon, but hoping to get into a bit of long range shooting and purchasing a rifle to do it with.
    Currently I have my late father's shotguns and his rifle(pig gun) which are a Franchi semi auto 12guage shotgun, a Franchi side by side 12guage shotgun and a Marlin lever action 44mag(pig gun). I also have a .22lr Anshluts sporter which was mine. I have used the 44mag at 100m before and found the experience quite enjoyable.
    Currently working as a motorcycle mechanic and studying welding too. Looking forward to learning tip to consistency with shooting at long range. And getting advice on what to get when the time comes.