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    I signed on here awhile back, but have not posted until now. I've always been interested in long-range shooting, but never could get to it. Couple of months ago someone on the forum here in MS, sold me a Savage 12BVSS ( I think) chambered in .308 - Douglas barrel (Sharpshooter Supply). I am hoping to shoot F-Class, but I also began to reload and it's a sharp learning curve, especially for someone my age(70). But I like it, and have had assistance from a very good shooter/reloader. It is amazing at the talent I see around me.

    I am having a problem with the scope that came with the rifle (Super Sniper 20X40). It's just very hard to acquire the target, and hold it. I know it's an inexpensive scope, and was wondering if a Leupold VX3 6.5X20X40 would be a good scope. I know there are better scopes (already drooled over the Nightforce & Schmidt & Bender), but I'm on a tight budget.

    Open to suggestions and opinions and facts:)

    ** Oh, and I just went up the levee near my home (Greenville), and the Mississippi R still barely holding at 64 ft - won't crest for 2-3 more days. All the wildlife for miles around came up into the towns around here. A lot of islands in the Ms river, where deer and many other critters normally live. Cottonmouths are lurking everywhere. **
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    welcome aboard ...... given the circumstances the greeting doesn't sound very good.:rolleyes:

    Keep you and yours safe.