Heading up to Ontario in a couple of days!


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Jul 30, 2004
Got my bow and my backup bow shooting dead on, got my fishing gear ready to go. I'm leaving Thursday morning for Alban, Ontario to bowhunt for black bear plus do some serious fishing. I'm getting pretty pumped. I'll hopefully have some dead bear pictures when I get back. I've decided my goal is one at least as big as Tikkamike's bear at a minimum.:rolleyes: Right! But seriously, I'm hoping for one at least 300 lbs but I'm not going to eat tag soup if I can help it.
Best of luck to you! I talked to a buddy Saturday nite, he showed me a pic of his bear from Lake Nipigon area. 575#! The biggest one taken opening weekend was 640#.

My neighbors bear was 425 taken 3 years ago from same area so they seem to have great potential in that neck of the woods for big bear.

Glad to hear your bringing your fishing gear too, you'll have a great time! Just don't forget your bug repellent, A thermocell works best (my .0002).
Well..I ate tag soup. I passed on a marginal shot on a small bear the second evening and never saw another bear. The outfitter even let me hunt an extra day free of charge. The other two hunters both saw several bears and both shot one. I have now hunted a total of 13 days over bait in Canada and seen a total of one small bear. To say I'm depressed would be an understatement. I'm going to give it another go somewhere next spring just not sure where or how. I'm determined to get my first bear.
Sorry you were unable to connect. I was up in the Nipigon area this week. While taking a break for coffee hunting grouse a bear walked out at less than 200 yards. Pulled out the 300WSM and it was DRT. If you can find an outfitter, required for a non resident, in the Manitoauge area, WMU 21B, your bets on a bear are good. My brothers and I hunt moose in that area and the bears are thick. My brother has a 500 pounder on the wall as a rug and we saw one last year that he swears was bigger than his. Did not get the shot.

DinoS from Ontario
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