Hawke Sport Optics - good scope?

Nov 4, 2009
Just wondering if Hawke has some good, solid long-range scopes? They offer ballistics software for two models of scopes.
Any information would be appreciated.
Thanks. gun)
I can say that these scopes are good. Put them thru there paces and have been satisfied. I have taken them on atv rides in a gun case and no problems. They have been bounced around in the back of a pick up in a hard plastic case and no problems. They have been bounced around in the cab of my truck unloaded of course and no problems.Optics are good for the price.Low light i have not had any problems. Better than the Simmons and Bushnell trophy scopes i have used. The BRC program that you need that is free from Hawke is helpful because you can change the velocity and it comes with presets with different calibers. You can print out the drop charts for your particular reticle at the different ranges and print them out and tape to your rifle or your scope flip cover.
I have a Hawke Sidewinder 30 6-24x56mm Scope with their SR12 reticle. I love everything about the scope and the BRC program. I have it on a Savage 7mm Rem Mag and it holds the zero perfectly and is great for long range. I have shot it out to 1320 yards (3/4 mile) successfully and it is a $400 savage. Highly recommended especially for the price.
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