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Dec 20, 2018
Oregon Coast
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Rifle is now up as trade only...Please read my last post for my trade interests.

Not for Sale....Trades Only!

Older 2010 build on a Howa trued action. Bolt lightened/fluted.
Broughton SS Fluted Barrel 1:9 @ Just under 24” length.
BDL bottom metal 3+1
Bansner high tech stock.
All metal gray cerakote
Limbsaver Pad
Barrel is NOT threaded, idea being to keep the length down. Plenty of room to have your smith turn some threads.
Rifle does NOT come with, dies, brass or bullets and I don’t have any for sale.

Target shown is 5 rounds. First 2 upper left I shot for verification before adjusting turret to center where I sunk last 3 rounds.
(I reused the same target that day for verifying loads on another rig)

Round count right around 275
Shot 1/2 MOA with 165gr Sierra GC

Naked weight 6lbs 10oz with nice balance.

Action/bolt is slick..Trigger is a crisp break at just over 2lbs, with a 3 position safety.
Fit and finish is excellent. Barrel is centered, bedded, and floated in stock. Bottom metal was inlet perfectly.

I would rate this rig easily at 97% with no scratches or hard dings. Just a few faint rubs on the barrel from safe moves. Considering it’s 9 years old, it’s in great condition.

Rifle will ship in a hard case to your FFL

Please make sure your FFL will receive rifle from a non-FFL.

No Glass, or 6.5 CM needed...

Interested in high end 22LR Bolt guns (No Semi’s). Sako, Cooper, Kimber of Oregon Classic model...Yonkers Kimber, If Super America model.

(+) (-) cash either way depending on trade and condition.

Trade value $1300


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How has nobody jumped on this yet?! Sweet stick brother and a killer price! Great guy to do business with, buy with confidence :)
Thanks brother...It’s a shooter. I loved the 7WSM enough that I ordered a new build from Scott Weichel @ Live Oaks that landed last month.

Been contemplating what to do with two 7WSM...Selling it was a hard decision. Someone is gonna be stoked when they get it.

Sweet, lightweight custom rig that kills great...Lots of brass and bullets available for it. Or a guy can go straight shelf boxes.
Thanks Matt...I downsizing 3 rigs, making room for a new arrival in a few months.

I’ve got a almost new Sako Varmint S491 in 17 Rem to post and a sweet little Nosler in 270wsm that I’m not using. Both will need a new home very soon.

#FreeFrud Grins
All tire kickers and window lickers has been talked to...

Now let’s get to the buyers for this rig who want to hunt it.

Only price drop $1200 shipped.

Rifle is up until Sunday...No takers, I’ll keep it and buy another gun safe and continue the tradition of being a gun looney.