gunsmiths in NW.Ohio

Clelands in Toledo... can't be cheep as all of their guns are usually priced high.
Johnson's just north of Adrian.
Not sure if he still is there but there used to be a smith in Holgate.
Craig Holman near Napoleon
Everett's on Rt 4 just south of the Ohio turnpike

I guess it kinda depends on what you are loking to get done.
Right now I just need a trigger worked on. Clelands is out had a chamber reamed there and thay set the chamber .250 deep ended up sending it to J.D at SSK. I will have to find phone numbers for the other guys and see if thay can help.
thanks again,rob
JD does good work. I have a couple of his contender barrels and a custom XP 100 done by him. Does good trigger jobs too. Top notch all the way.
Everett's Gun Shop - Google Maps
Not sure why the link did not post,&ved=0CBoQ2wU&sa=X&ei=B980S-e7E42ezASS8PntDA,&ved=0CBoQ2wU&sa=X&ei=B980S-e7E42ezASS8PntDA

Everett's Gun Shop

10008 State Route 4, Castalia, OH
(419) 483-3949 (419) 483-3949‎
3 reviews
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