Griffin Optimus 9 question


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Jan 25, 2010
central nebraska
Just got my griffin Optimus out of jail and have a question that Griffin wasn't much help on.
I understand the the system for using it in the "long configuration" but have a question on using it in the "short configuration" with 300 blackout or .223.
The pictures enclosed are of the endcap for the short configuration, does anyone know what barrel adapter I need to use the supplied endcap for the rounds I mentioned.



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I would be very surprised that it didn't come with a standard 5/8-24 brake attachment of some sort ..
and just looking at the photo, that system comes apart, then screw in the 5/8-24 and then into your "short" can and you should be good to go.
That's where i would start
It does not, it appears to be some qd type (cam Lok) possibly, just not sure as they have many and the various configurations this can support seems endless. My other brands are all standard thread attachments so obviously those have been straightforward enough
Yes that is a qd mount for some other damned accessory they have🤦‍♂️ and trust me it comes apart.. it wouldn't have spanner wrench cuts in it if it didn't
quick search and i came up with this ..
they say this is what comes in the box?
So without actually having it in my hands i would say that the box has or had a spanner wrench .. when broke down, something that came with the can screws in to the shorter version then your 5/8-24 brake into it..

Yep that's exactly what comes. The extension tube (for the extra baffle) is a qd for the included muzzle brake.
That piece I originally posted is allegedly for when you run it in 9mm pistols but I seen some other forums saying you can run it on other muzzle devices for other guns as well.

About 6 different qd set ups and to me they are all as vague as the instructions they included 😶
Nothing that was included 🤣 and definitely not a standard Barrel thread., I know it's for when using it for 9mm(multi caliber can) but trying to figure out if I can use it with some adapter that is made for 300bo.
Something along the lines of this.

I figured this would be a good can around the farm as it's good from rimfire to 300wm but the amount of qd and what can or can't be used is insane.

I may just run it in the long length as that was simple enough using their brakes and forget it can allegedly be used in a short configuration 🤣


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