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    Jan 6, 2010
    I am still working on my "project" which involves putting a laminated target stock on a Marlin 7000 semi-auto 22 LR. I think I would like to glass bed the action. Everything I have read so far talks about the recoil lug being a critical part of bedding project. Well this gun has no recoil lug. It appears that any recoil is absorbed where the rear of the action framing meets the stock. It appears that the stock manufacturer applied a thin reinforcement band of glass in this location. Also, this action has some moving parts that actually extend beyond the outside edges of the action box which houses the bolt, trigger mechanism, etc. I have not shot this gun with the new stock installed yet, so I still have no information on how the gun shoots without bedding. However, I am concerned because when I snug down the action bolts through the trigger guard, the action wants to bind, making it hard to even slide the bolt open. Obviously I need to do something with it.

    Can this gun be glass bedded, and if so how should I proceed? Can you reference any educational information to get me started? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    I'm not the best expert to comment. But, here are my thoughts based on the info you provided...

    The primary purpose of bedding is to give the action a solid, stress-free, foundation to mate with the stock. In that regard, bedding should be helpful since you indicated that it currently binds the bolt mechanism when you snug the action bolts. Bedding should go a long ways towards resolving that issue.

    The second objective would be to help keep the stock from compressing over time. Pillars made by bedding all the way through from the floor plate to the reciever or by installing aluminum or steel pillars will help there.

    Thirdly, a solid bedding around and behind the recoil lug help absorb recoil. However, 22LR doesn't have much recoil and the mfg apparently felt that the torque of the action screws was sufficient when coupled with some bedding around the rear of the tang.

    So, I'd say that bedding would be a good idea. There are numerous sources on how to bed a rifle. The way I learned was from the BOTW DVD set by John Burns and others by AGI and Darrel Holland. I'm sure you can also search for plenty of articles and threads here on LRH.

    -- richard