SOLD/EXPIRED GemPro 250 scale, Great for reloading!!!

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by TacBlade, Jan 14, 2014.

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  1. TacBlade

    TacBlade Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2010
    Got this for Christmas, but I really do not need it. It has Great reviews everywhere. I have cut and pasted some details on it below.

    $150.00 shipped

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    Product Details

    Programmable Auto-Off Feature
    If you've ever had your scale turn off on ya in the middle of important measurements, you'll realize what a blessing this feature is. You can program this gem scale to turn off automatically, or to stay on until you turn it off yourself.

    Protective Case
    This little jewelry scale comes with a hard, protective case to keep your scale, along with all of its accessories, nice and safe.

    Bright Backlit Display
    This digital scale has a fancy backlit display to help ya see your weight readings, even in dim lighting.

    Man, This Thing Is Tiny!
    You won't have to worry about this scale taking up space. It's just over five inches long, and only two and a half inches high.

    Hinged Protective Windscreen
    When you're weighing with high precision scales like this one, even the tiniest breeze can interfere with weight readings. This My Weigh scale comes with an attached windscreen to keep out those pesky drafts. The protective cover is hinged, ya just lift it up to get it out of the way.

    It Remembers The Last Unit Ya Used
    If your application needs weights in the same unit of measurement, (like ounces for instance), it can be a real pain if your scale always turns on ready to weigh in grams. It's a good thing the GemPro turns on displaying the unit of measurement you were using when ya turned it off.

    Stainless Steel Platform
    The Gem Pro has a durable stainless steel weighing platform to make cleanup a breeze. Unlike gold or silver, stainless steel doesn't scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

    Easy Calibration
    To make sure ya keep getting the best weight readings from your scale, it helps to calibrate it from time to time. This jewelry scale has instructions to make calibrating your scale easy. The Gempro even comes with the 20 gram calibration weight ya need to use for regular calibration, however, if ya need to calibrate the linearity you'll need to pick up a 50 gram calibration weight because that one is not included.

    Tare Feature
    The tare button on the front of this digital scale can be pressed to "zero out" the weight on the scale. You can then add more weight, and the display will only show the weight of the items you're adding. This sure is useful when ya want to use the included expansion tray to weigh your things, or if ya want to get separate weights of multiple items.

    Liquid Level Indicator
    This very handy feature helps you quickly and easily get your scale nice and level. A level scale is important for getting the most accurate weight readings.

    Five Useful Accessories
    The GemPro 250 comes with great accessories. Use Old Will's exclusive VibraKill® Pad under the GemPro to keep vibrations from messing up your weight readings, and the calibration weight to keep it nice and accurate. If you're looking to use the GemPro as a diamond scale or carat scale, the little expansion bowl is perfect for weighing those teeny tiny jewelry pieces, and the included tweezers make picking up those pieces easy. You even get an AC power adapter, just in case ya don't have any batteries on ya. You can store the GemPro250, along with the expansion bowl, tweezers, calibration weight, and adapter in the included protective storage case.

    Kill Those Vibrations With VibraKill®
    Did ya know that vibrations can cause a scale's reading to bounce around from one weight to another? Included with this digital scale is a VibraKill® Pad to keep vibrations, (caused by everyday items like, your fridge, nearby music, your washing machine, etc...) from messing up your weighing.

    If ya have a problem with this digital scale, just send it to My Weigh's warranty center in Phoenix, Arizona. They'll fix it or replace it, and send it on its way back to ya within two working days.
  2. TacBlade

    TacBlade Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2010
    $120.00 shipped
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