Gander Mtn

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    Dec 12, 2011
    My local Gander Mtn has a Savage 110BA in 300WM with a Leupy Mark 4 package in stock. A steal of a deal at $6600. Felt the need to get the word out to the LRH deal hunters, but I couldn't figure out what forum to post in. I chose Humor.

    Note that it is clearly marked "tactical", so it apparently is subject to the same multiplier as other similarly classified firearms.

    I don't want to post the store location, as it may create an unsafe stampede situation aka Walmart on black Friday. I will tell you that it may possibly be the worst run retail establishment I have ever been in. In fairness, they were ahead of the curve as they have been out-of-stock and price gouging well before it became mainstream. I reward them by using their bathroom over and over again without ever buying anything. Sorry if reckless need for vengeance gives the rest of you firearm enthusiasts a bad rep.