G7 Ballistic program

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    I did a search but I didn't see a link to the site so I'll post it here. If it's a repeat my apologies.

    G7 Ballistics Program

    So far I like what it comes up with.

    I tested the program with data that I collected at the range the other day. I took my .338 Edge (Canyon Rifle) to the 100, 200, and 300 yard areas and fired one round at each target. The Edge is the single most accurate, and more importantly, consistent rifle that I own (second is my XPS .223) so it makes a good test bed.

    I used ballistics data from the Bullet Flight app (iPhone). 0 at 100, up 1.5 moa at 200, and up 3.5 moa at 300. I use 2800 fps for the muzzle velocity in the app. Three bullets went down range. Three bullets punched out the center of the target. Life is good. When I got home I used the trajectory validation portion of the G7 calculator. I used 100 yard zero / 300 yard far range. When it calculated the chart it gave me 2833 fps. I changed my muzzle velocity to 2833 fps and ta da... the 200 yard value (intermediate) matched.
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