FYI- Advanced Ballistic Computer is available.


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Jun 20, 2001
I posted this on another site, but there shooting is not normaly in excess of 1000 yards.

I just though some of you guys might be interested in the Advanced Ballistic computer, that was developed in conjunction with the 408 Cheytac project using Doppler radar. I recently traded a few e-mails with the developer and it is available in a military, and civilian model. The ruggedized Military model goes for $3000.00, and the Civ model installed on a standard IPAC is $649.00. Here is the list of bullets installed, I understand they will be doing more radar testing in the next month or 2 and adding some more.

50 Cal AMAX
50 Cal C44 AP-T (Canada)
50 Cal Mark 211 MOD-0
50 Cal M17 Tracer Canada
50 Cal M17 Tracer US
50 Cal M2 AP 705 g
50 Cal M2 Ball 702 g
50 Cal M20 APIT
50 Cal M33 Ball
50 Cal M8 API
50 Cal M903 SLAP NOTE 1
50 Cal SNC Match 755 g
50 Cal 773 g J40 LRBT
408 CheyTac 419 g
408 CheyTac 305 g BDR
338 Cal 300 g Sierra Matchking
338 Cal 270 g J40 LRBT
338 Cal 250 g J36 LRBT
338 Cal 250 g J40 LRBT
338 Cal 250 g Lapua SCENAR
338 Cal 250 g Sierra GameKing
338 Cal 225 g J36 LRBT
338 Cal 200 g J36 LRBT
7.62 M118 Long Range
7.62 M118 Special Ball NOTE 2
7.62 x 51 Battlefield Recovery
7.62 147 g Ball
7.62 147 g TRACER
A-191 300 Win Mag
30 Cal 220 g Sierra MatchKing
30 Cal 200 g J40 LRBT
30 Cal 200 g Sierra MatchKing
30 Cal 190 g J40 LRBT
30 Cal 190 g Sierra MatchKing
30 Cal 185 g Lapua D46 FMJBT
30 Cal 185 g Lapua SCENAR
30 Cal 180 g J36 LRBT
30 Cal 168 g J40 LRBT
30 Cal 168 g Sierra MatchKing
30 Cal 165 g J36 LRBT
30 Cal 165 g Nosler Bal Tip
30 Cal 140 g J36 LRBT
7mm 162 g J40 LRBT
7mm 160 g Sierra Gameking
7mm 160 g J36 LRBT
7mm 140 g J36 LRBT
6.5 x 284 142 g Black Hills
6.5 x 284 142 g Diamond Line
6.5 x 284 132 g J40 LRBT
6.5 x 284 125 g Nosler Bal Tip
6.5 x 284 78 g J40 LRBT
5.56 69 g Sierra Matchking
5.56 62 g M40 LRBT
5.56 62 g SS109 US Issue
5.56 56 g M40 LRBT
5.56 55 g M193 Old US Issue
5.56 44 g Limited Pen LRBT
243 Win 100 g SPEER
243 Win 80 g J36 LRBT
22 x 284 69 g J36 LRBT


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Jun 20, 2001
Sorry, I forgot the contact info.
[email protected] (Dave Durham)

Dave has been very attentive as far as answering my questions. He has also told me that among the new bullets for the next test will be .308- 240 MK, and 210 JLK.

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