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SOLD/EXPIRED FS X-P 100 Barrel in 6.5-284


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Nov 23, 2007
S. W. Wisconsin

A stainless steel Broughton barrel, 18 inches long, plus the brake, puts it at 19 5/8ths total for overall length. It's a one in eight twist, in the 5C land profile.

The shank end measures 1.245" with a straight taper ending at 1.050" at the muzzle. Weighs in at a svelte 5 pounds, 1 ounce with brake.

She's chambered with a PT&G match reamer for a Remington XP-100, with standard threads and recoil lug, in a .290" tight necked 6.5-284 Norma, with a .188" freebore, which is perfect for the 104/142 class bullets. Off the shelf Redding dies are a perfect match for this reamer/chamber.

When I was shooting 1K Benchrest at Pella, Ia, there was a bunch of guys that wanted to do a 1000 yard pistol class. So I had Tim North get me a blank ASAP so I could play at the next match. After minimal load work, I promptly won the first match with a 9 1/2" group. Shortly after that, the pistol crowd faded away, and I'm left with this barrel, that at this point I have no intention of shooting again.

I have 50 pieces of detailed and neck turned brass that go with the sale.

There's only 84 documented rounds down this tube.

I have well over $700.00 invested in this set-up.

Offered for $395.00 shipped priority mail in the US only.

Payment by USPS money order, and no trades, thanks.