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SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Win M70 and Rem 700 stocks


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Sep 17, 2008
I have two stocks for sale. First is an HS Precision stock that came factory on Winchester M70 HBV short action in 94ish. It is in good condition without hardly any scratches. Some Acraglass leaked into the void under the barrel but has no effect on the stock or anything else. An additional sling stud has been added up front with delrin reinforcing. The barrel channel was opened up to accept Krieger #14 contour. The only problem with the stock is something rattling around the inside of the butt. I’m guessing it is the nut that was used to secure the rear sling stud. I don’t want to attempt to remove the recoil pad to get it out or re-screw it to the sling stud. Overall, this stock is in good working order and I’ve carried the rifle on the sling with the nut floating around inside the butt. Asking $225 Shipped.
Second is a Rem 700 SA ADL factory plastic stock. This stock was used on the rifle for two hunting seasons but saw little use. There are a couple very light scratches that can hardly be felt with the fingernail on the left side below the action but they have no effect on the stock. Included but not shown are trigger guard, internal mag box, and action screws. Asking $60 shipped.

Working on getting pics to show...





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