SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Thompson Encore SS 204 Ruger

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Jun 2, 2011
Sold as shown with custom laminated wood grip set including machined steel forearm hanger bar for exceptional and consistent accuracy.

This one shipped from the factory designated as a handgun but can also be legally fitted with a rifle bbl if a buttstock is mounted. Very flexible!

Factory 14" barrel.

Burris 3-12 LER scope is mounted on Burris Signature rings with the plastic inserts.

Trigger has been worked over and has a zero-creep letoff of about 1.5 lbs.

This gun groups at 1" and liked the Sierra 39gr bullet best in my limited testing.

Asking $825 shipped.

Related goodies I also have for sale:

Forster 204 die set
Several hundred 204 cases including a couple hundred Nosler.
Black rubber Factory TC grip set.

Please email with interest to [email protected]

Not open for further replies.

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