SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Surefire and Magpul mags

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    Sep 17, 2008
    Guys and gals,

    Snowy Mtn Rifles still has a ONE 60 round Surefire mag in stock. We also have THREE black Magpul EMags in stock. This as of 1600 mountain time 12/19/12.

    60 round Surefire: $109.99 plus shipping
    Magpul EMag: $22.99 plus shipping **SOLD**

    Please note, we are NOT price gouging like some other companies, these are normal prices. We've nearly sold out of all mags the last couple days so I figured I'd let the members here know we still have these in stock for normal prices if you are looking to buy some.

    Give me a call, my number is listed in my Signature line.

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