SOLD/EXPIRED FS Sendero SFII 300 Ultra


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Jan 22, 2006
Skagit Valley WASHINGTON
FS Sendero SFII 300 Ultra - Sold Pending

I am selling my Sendero SF II in 300 Remington Ultra Mag. I bought this rifle new in February of 2008 and have under 250 rounds down the tube. The gun has a Defensive Edge brake installed by Shawn Carlock and a Seekins 20MOA base that is glued and screwed on. The trigger has been adjusted down to right at 3 lbs and breaks clean. The gun consistently shoots into 3/4 of an inch with 200 grain Accubonds over 92.5 grains of Retumbo and Federal 215 primers put together using Remington brass and standard Redding dies. The chronographed speed of this load is 3070 fps. The gun will hold sub-MOA out to 1000 yards and I have shot several 7-8 inch 3 shot groups at 1K when I am having a good day. The gun has been on a couple of hunting trips, including my dad taking a NV mule deer with it at 720 yards, but has no apparent wear marks to speak of. I broke the barrel in using the shoot once/clean for the first 5 shots and then clean after the next five for the next fifteen shots and I have then kept a routine of thorough cleaning after every outing. This is a great gun, I have just gone in a different direction. I will also throw in the Redding standard dies and whatever brass I have (around 100 rounds). Price is now lowered to $1050 shipped to your FFL.





Thanks for looking! SOLD PENDING FUNDS to BigPig069 Thanks everyone that looked.
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My name is Joe. I am reaaly interested in your 300 ultra mag. I am from Oregon. Can you email me so we can talk more about it?
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I wish I could afford it right now, I see you bought it from Kesselrings, That place is like a candy store for me, only been in there a couple times when I go up to Washington to visit my Uncle.gun)
I am inquiring from Nevada ... if the rifle is still for sale, can you tell me the barrel length and weight of the rifle. Also, have you shot any 150 gr loads thru it or 165's

Thanks, Larry

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The barrel is 26 inches long (plus the length of the brake) and the gun weighs just under 9 pounds. I haven't shot anything under 180 grain bullets in the rifle. Thanks for looking.
Price has been lowered and along with the dies, I will also include about 50 rounds of Remington brass and approx. 50 rounds of Nosler brass. Thanks - Bill.