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SOLD/EXPIRED FS: Savage LRPV 7"twist with Burris 8-32

P. Steve Morgan

New Member
Oct 12, 2009
Nashville, TN
I have for sale a Savage Model 12 LRPV single shot with right bolt handle and left port. It has Burris signature series rings with a set of shims included for up to 30 MOA adjustment.

This gun has been shot about 300 times. The best load I have developed is the 90 VLD's stuck in the rifling which have maintained 0.3 MOA out to 320 yards. That is shooting off of a portable table.

The scope is 2 years old and works perfectly. It has the same POI throughout the power range. I used it on a different gun two years ago and shot 1,253 rounds at prairie dogs using the range finder/scope adjusting method. It worked flawlessly. Set the sight, kill the dog.

I have 95 Laupau brass that go with the gun for extra accuracy and 800 more brass from remington and federal that need to be worked on.

I dremmeled out a small part of the stock under the tang that you can't see with the gun assembled. This was done because once I set the trigger, it wouldn't hold when I reassembled the gun. I also drilled a hole in the recoil pad and added a couple pounds of lead shot. I filled the hole by hammering in a couple .243 bullets. It's all tight with no shot rattle. The gun is much better ballanced now and you have to look for the hole to see it.

Now that it shoots as good as I can hold it, it's time to sell it. We don't have any varmints to shoot at here in middle TN.

$1150 plus the buyer pays the shipping

I'll go ahead and post this part and try to figure out how to post pictures.

Do you have any interest in a partial trade for a complete Savage 110 in 7mm RUM ? If not how much for the rifle without scope or mounts ?

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