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SOLD/EXPIRED FS - Remington TI stock, LA, RH


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Jan 23, 2006
San Antonio, Tx.
Recently acquired a RH, LA, Remington TI stock that was to be used on my 270 Mountain rifle that is a DM model. When I tried to put it together I found that the DM receiver doesn't have the hole in the receiver for the box mag, nor the hole needed for the front screw on the trigger housing and the bottom is cut open too wide to accomodate the regular box mag. So I can't use it.... The Titanium stock is a ADL version. It weighs 1.6#s on my postal scale. It is not a BDL.... This is the original TI, not the newer Alaskan TI....

It is 97% or better. I don't recall seeing a blem on it. It is very light and would have shaved another 3/4# of my rifle if I'd have been able to use it.

Take $225 plus shipping. PM me here or shoot me an email at: [email protected]

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