SOLD/EXPIRED FS - Redfield 1-pc base & 1" steel rings

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    Mar 6, 2009
    *SPF* FS - Redfield 1-pc base & 1" steel rings

    *SPF* FS- Redfield 1-pc. base & 1" steel rings.

    The base is a 1-pc JR-700-S, part # 511227, steel bridge mount for REM 700/ 40X short actions. It includes the original Redfield socket head mounting screws. blued. condition: near new.

    The rings are matching JR 1" steel, each ring having 4-original socket head screws. blued. Condition: mint.

    $40 shipped for base & rings set or $41.70 by PayPal. OBO.

    email [email protected] for prompt reply.

    First, "I'll take it", gets it.

    pics are here:
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