SOLD/EXPIRED FS Manfrotto 190Cx3 with 496 head


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Aug 4, 2013
West Central, Idaho
I have a really nice carbon fiber Manfrotto for sale. It is the 190Cx3 and has a 496 rc2 head, with 3 QR plates. This is a really nice tripod. The head is in good shape too, with some minor scratches but it is fully functional. Weighs in at 2.75 w/o the head and 3.25 with the head (aprox)

Manfrotto carbon fiber tripods are extremely sturdy and probably have the best strength/weight ratio. If you pack-in type hunt, this is the one you want. You can set it up and glass for hours and if you have a Hog saddle type setup you can even shoot off this tripod. The legs spread far enough to shoot prone and stands tall enough to shoot standing. I prefer the Cx3 over the Cx3 pro because the center column on Cx3 is a two-piece column and if you want to lighten it up a little more you can remove it and use the smaller piece.

Not just for hunters, photography folks would enjoy this tripod as well. I've just used this one for glassing. The head has a single lever to lock in place and it locks up tight. The other knob is to control the friction. The gun and the hog saddle in the pictures are just for demonstration and are NOT included!

Not much more I can say this is a very nice setup and it is in great shape. I disassembled everything and ran the small parts through the sonic cleaner. I put new bushings in the legs so they operate very smoothly. Everything is fresh and operating like new. Any questions please feel free.

$250 for the tripod and $50 for the head w/ 3 QR Plates


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