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SOLD/EXPIRED FS Magnetospeed Sporter Chrono NIB $175 shipped

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Oct 19, 2011
UPDATE: XFR smartphone cable available if that is a deal maker/breaker for you. $25. I want it but I can wait for another one.

$175 shipping included. I'm not going to try and undersell the LRH store as they are the host - consider the free shipping and price difference a discount for me having removed the plastic wrap.

I got one of the pre-ordered Magnetospeed Sporter units last week. It's from a good vendor and I don't want to put them through the trouble of taking a return, besides, I'm sure someone wants one. I'll include the receipt in case it helps for warranty.

These are pretty awesome; the Bryan Litz chrono comparison test coupled with the all-weather hassle-free setup sold me.

I took the plastic off the box and examined the unit but it never left my table. It appears to be made to a high quality. Includes cords (never even unwrapped), display (was a higher quality than I expected), rubber shims, etc. in a telescoping plastic case.

Full disclosure: I'm going to go with the V3 instead for couple of reasons.
1. I think a have a friend who will split it with me which solves the price pain
2. We will probably want to use it on a muzzleloader, and the V3 is rated for that, Sporter is not.
3. I have a couple of applications for a rail adapter, for which one is made on the V3. I was going to make my own for the Sporter but I'm caving in to free time.

Sporter sensor and display are interchangeable with other Magnetospeed units.

Sell for $175 ($189 MSRP) shipping included (CONUS - will ship elsewhere if needed, you pay). First posted "I'll take it" gets it - I'm not real quick getting on the forum during the workday but I can try if there are any questions. I can take MO, cash, Square, Paypal.

Let me know if you need pictures.
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Sold. Thanks paulatherton21!

I just went to the range and tried the other Magnetospeed - hands down the easiest chrono I've ever used.
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