SOLD/EXPIRED FS/FT- Nightforce 5-22 50mm CH-2 Reticle


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May 21, 2008
guys i don't like the reticle in this scope and this might not be the best forum to sell it on but i'd like to trade it for something comparable but with more of a hunting friendly reticle. open to most makes of scopes +/- cash. i'd also trade on ARs or a Giraud trimmer if someone happens to have one laying around.

scope has HS turrets but no ZS. it's in very good condition. i'm the second owner but the first guy didn't use it hard and i mounted it on an AR for about 10rds.

cash price of $1,450 OBO
close on a couple of trades. bump. OBO!
Id trade you a like new leupold mark 4 4.5-14x50 mm illuminated TMR reticle plus cash I'd even throw in the new mark 4 rings.
How about a Greybull Precision 4.5-14x50 with Alumina scope caps, bubble level, sunshade, neoprene cover and extra turret for 6.5-284 and I'll throw you a couple of duckets?
Ill offer up a Leupold VX3 LRT 6.5-20x50mm 30mm tube fine duplex. And cash to make even. Perfect shape has been mounted in signature rings with inserts so there are no marks on it.