SOLD/EXPIRED FS 700 mtn Ti stock + B&C stock and barrel


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Oct 26, 2008
South Dakota
FS 700 mtn Ti stock and mtn 308 barrel *price brop*

**SPF** #1 FS a used Remington 700 MTN Guide SA ADL take off stock. I believe that is the same stock used on the 700 TI and is B&C model number 2950. It is pillar bedded and had the pressure points sanded out. The stock Black in color with 1" recoil pad. It is inlet for a Mtn rifle barrel and I think it could be opened up to accept a #2 contour. It is very clean, as it only went on one hunting trip as a back up rifle. $150.00 shipped

**SOLD**#2 FS a new Remington ADL SA stock, it is the Light varmint style LVSF. It is factory painted gray with black webbing. It has factory pillars and will accept a #3 contour barrel. The only flaw is a very small 1/16" wide 1/4 long chip in the paint along the barrel channel, hardly noticeable. It has not had an action bolt in it. $175.00 shipped SOLD

#3 FS 700 MTN 308 win 22" take off barrel, approximate round count of 400. I shot one box of Tubbs Final Finish though to help in the cleaning. It would shoot MOA but you had to let it cool down between shots. It has a smudge in the finish from being removed from the action. $35.00 shipped

First "I'll take it" gets it, US Conus sales only. Any questions PM or Email me [email protected]. Payment though USPS money Order only.



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I'll take

#1 FS a used Remington 700 MTN Guide SA ADL take off stock. $150 shipped

PM me with payment information