SOLD/EXPIRED FS: 5 boxes-Berger Moly VLD 30 cal. 210 gr.


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Jan 6, 2008
North east Pa.
I have 5 boxes of .30 caliber, 210 grain, Berger VLD, Moly coated bullets, 100 count. Un-opened. They were all purchased together, so there from the same lot. I'm asking $40.00 per box or $180.00 for all, plus actual shipping costs.
I have some older 7mm Molly coated Berger VLD bullets by berger that I would like to remove the molly coating. When you say tumble them with what????? I doubt walnut hulls will remove the molly???? I would like to load them but not with the molly??? I think if you share your experience, Then you will be happy with the results. Some like molly coating and they may want to use them and others don't like to use them ,then all will have a choice......

Best of luck Most are still out hunting
Thanks for the quick reply. I will start with corn cob media and progress up to walnut then cermanic beads if need be then polish after it is off with corncob media to make them smooth and more aerodynamic.

Also as a suggestion: Alot of people are out hunting now and It is hard for them to reply back on items for sale. If you hear no offers I would simply relist in Early December and possibly discount alittle. Those are great bullets but everyone like a great deal.

Thanks again
Shooter981, just sent you an email giving specifics on my trade options. Huh...nevermind, looks like the email didn't go thru. I'll PM you instead.
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